Youth Gathering Information

Students in grades 8-12 are encouraged to join us at the ELCA Youth Gathering, July 24-28, 2022 in Minneapolis, MN!

Please use the link below to download our informational packet and registration form.

Forms and $150 deposit are due now! Please turn them into Jamie or the office.

We will kickoff our group meetings with a pizza party on Sunday, September 19 at 6 p.m. Come to watch videos from Gathering Organizers and get to know our group!

We will continue to meet on the Third Sunday of each month at 6 p.m. to go over the “Getting Ready” materials provided by the Gathering as we grow together and learn about this year’s theme.

Will these dates conflict with sports practices, clubs or something else? Probably.

Check out these sample letters to coaches/leaders to start a conversation EARLY and let them know how beneficial attending the Gathering can be to students!

ELCA Youth Gathering Parent Conversation Resources.docx

[letter credit: Erin Haligowski, ELCA Youth Ministry Network]