Worship & Bulletin, December 18


Sunday Bulletin, December 18 2022.pdf

Weekly News, December 18 2022.pdf

This Week: December 18-24

Sunday 18th

Newsletter deadline
7:40 am Choir practice
8:00 am Communion
9:00 am Cookie Walk
9:00 am Children’s Program Practice
9:00 am Adult Sunday School
10:15 am Communion
6:30 pm Jr. High Group

Monday 19th

9:00 am Preschool
1:00 pm LWR Blanket Making
8:00 pm Dartball at The Pastors

Tues. 20th

6:30 pm Kids Bells

Wed. 21st

9:00 am Preschool
(last day for 3, 4 +5’s)

Thurs. 22nd

9:00 am Borchers Breakfast Club (Christmas Party)
6:00 pm Adult Bells
6:30 pm Choir

Friday 23rd


Sat. 24th

6:15 pm Preservice performers arrive
6:30 pm Preservice music begins
All other students to Sunday School rooms
7:00 pm Children’s Christmas Program
Refreshments in fellowship hall
8:30 pm Candlelight service in Borchers Chapel