What Can We Learn From Mary?

December 23, 2022

What Can We Learn From Mary?                                  Michelle Wood

I’ve always been amazed by the story of Mary.  Her willingness to be a vessel for God is inspirational, especially when you consider she was just a teenager, the confusion associated with a young, unmarried woman showing up pregnant, and the pain of watching her own son be tried and crucified.    Mary is troubled at the words of the angel who spoke to her.  She’s not afraid to voice her questions to the angel, but in the end, she chooses obedience.  She willingly accepted God’s plan for her.  Personally, I would have been scared to death if an angel came to me.  We can learn from Mary that faith is all about stepping out in obedience even when we don’t have all the answers.  Mary’s eyes weren’t focused on her circumstances; they were focused on her God.  She counted the cost and desired God’s ways over her own dreams, her family’s hopes, and society’s expectations.  Mary knew her purpose in life was to serve God.  Her obedience fulfilled scripture and changed the course of history. She shows us that sometimes walking with Jesus means walking down some scary paths.  May we remember her example when facing scary paths of our own.  Would we have responded the same way?