Preschool Closure – November Update

November 19, 2020

Dear preschool families, 

This letter is to inform you that we will be shutting down the week of November 30th – December 4th. The reason for this is the Seymour Community School Corporation will  be shut down that week for Covid related reasons.  This will also affect our staffing. They will re-evaluate on December 3rd. I will let you know as soon as we hear their decision. 

We will go to zoom learning classrooms during this shut down.  The classes will be held according to their age.

   4/5 Sunbeam Classes – 3 zoom classes 15-20 min.

   3/4 Rainbow Classes –  2 zoom classes 15-20 min.

   2/3 Raindrop Class –  1 zoom class 15-20 min. 

Your child’s teacher will contact you to set up times and days that work best overall for the class. 

Packet pick up for learning material will be Monday, November 30th at 9am-10am or 6pm-7pm. 

                  Yours Truly,

Mrs. Jen and Borchers Preschool Staff

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