Journey to Bethlehem

December 20, 2022

Journey to Bethlehem                                                                    Intern Bridget

When I was younger, around middle school and early high school, my church would host an immersive experience around the birth of Jesus. We called it “Journey to Bethlehem.” My parents always took part in the same roles every year and my siblings and I would help where we could. Mom was a Shepherd Guide and would lead people through the journey. Dad was a Roman soldier. He and the other Roman soldiers would give the groups grief at on the way to one of the stations. People from the community would come in and gather in the sanctuary. They would be put into groups and a Shepherd Guide would pick them up. Each group would be led to each of the eight stations. First, we would hear some of the Old Testament prophecies about the birth of Jesus. We would then hear from Mary and Joseph about when Gabriel came to visit. We would talk with census workers and be hassled by Roman soldiers. After that we would listen to the Innkeeper and his wife, who would send us to see the stable where Mary and Joseph were. We would see and hear the angel proclaim the good news of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds. The Wisemen would tells us about their travels following the star. The last station was a visit to Anna and Simeon to hear about Jesus being dedicated at the temple. After they were done there, they were invited into the fellowship hall for cookies and hot chocolate. It was a very popular event.