Favorite Christmas Traditions, High School Sunday School Class

December 8, 2022

Favorite Christmas Traditions                High School Sunday School Class

* Grandparents house – white elephant/dirty santa – go on Amazon and buy a silly gift

* Coke fridge has circulated in the Baker/Searcy family for 7+ years

* Christmas Program – getting the young kids dressed and running lines

* Angel Tree – picking out toys for others in need

* After the Christmas Eve Program – go to family’s house

* Christmas Day – spending it with close family / aunts/ uncles (both sides of family)

* Karen and Dean – make sugar cookies at least once on Christmas Break (decorate them)

*  Engelau twins do this as well – eat all the sprinkles leftover on the trays

* Gingerbread House making with close family – cousins and all in grandparents shed

* Cardboard wrapped in tin foil – display around the house

* Christmas Day – open gifts in the morning (after church if they go)

* Spending Christmas with close family – lunch and dinner (dinner is normally leftovers)

* Grandma’s noodles – handmade noodles

*  Live nativity – helping with that

* If it snows – big open hill where sledding is perfect

* Herbert family – women’s day making cookies

* Christmas tree light counting – count the number of houses that were lit on the way home from Greensburg

* Fake trees – no real trees

* Ornaments – each year we get ornaments from grandma/grandpa

* Each time family goes on vacation – get a new ornament for the tree

* Some make new ornaments out of shells

* Family makes a themed drink for each Christmas

* Food must haves:

Dirt cake

Oreo balls