Confirmation Retreat Reminders

Lutheran Hills

Address: 6371 Bear Creek Rd, Morgantown, IN 46160

November 4-6th

We will leave from the church at 6:30pm on Friday, November 4. If students are able, encourage them to work the first shift at the Bazaar that afternoon; we will make sure they eat before time to load the bus.

Bus will return by noon on Sunday, November 6.

 retreat packing list.pdf


 Bible
 Medicine (if needed)
 Sleeping bag/twin sheets (bunk beds are in each cabin)
 Pillow
 Toiletry items
 Clothes appropriate for weather
 Shoes for hiking
 Extra pair of shoes
 Towel
 Washcloth
 Bug spray
 Sunscreen lotion
 Flashlight

Items NOT to bring: knives, weapons, drugs, cigarettes

Other notes:
 cell service is not always very good
 snacks are discouraged as food in the cabins can be an invitation for animals to find ways into the cabins

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