Childhood Memory

December 17, 2022

Karen Wiesehan

My childhood memory is of Holidays spent at my Grandpa Bill and Grandma Delia Stockamp’s home. Grandma always decorated a cedar tree grown on the farm. I always loved the smell of cedar. Grandpa would kill a wild turkey we would have for our meal along with fruits and vegetables, all canned from their garden and fruit trees.

After the meal we would gather in the living room. My Aunt Verl could play the piano by ear and we would sing Christmas Carols. Silent Night was always a favorite.

I feel blessed that when I got married 50 years ago, I was able to call the Stockamp Farm my home.

Our prayer, dear Father, is that you will give us a sweet sleep; give your tired children rest and when they sleep may You be awake.

 You rule and govern us with mercy all of our lifetime; through your love and wisdom you divide them into day and night, in peace and trouble or pains.

All good comes from You, dear Father; we receive many blessings. Receive our stammering thanksgiving for all that you are doing for us.

We always want to be and remain Your children and be glad that You, God, are our Father through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

When Jesus lived on earth, children were brought to Him; He gladly permitted them to come to him to receive His blessings from His hand.

He loves and blesses still today a clean heartfelt childish faith; give us a clean heart from anger and may we be pious children.

We gather together with joyful courage to rest in Your protecting. No hair will fall from our head without your command, you Lord, arms and ruler of this world.

We go to sleep, sound and healthy, but we know our last hour will come some day; should it happen already this night, take us to heaven.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” ~ Phil 4:7

Prayer written by Elizabeth Newkirk, Karen’s great great grandmother