Acolyte Training

The next acolyte training will take place on Sunday, August 24 at 9:15am in the Sanctuary.

While it is not a requirement to be an acolyte, it is a wonderful way for youth to learn to be a servant of the church and a way that they can live out their baptismal promises.

After the training, youth who are willing to acolyte will be added into the rotation that has been established for both services. At times, we have paired a new acolyte with another youth for the first time that they acolyte.

Even if you are unsure about your youth acolyting, you can come to the training to see all that it entails and then later make a decision about whether or not the youth will acolyte. Parents are also welcome to sit in on the training.

For more details please read the full letter linked below:

Acolyte Letter.pdf