In the early years of the nineteenth century immigrants from Northern Germany came to this country settling in Cincinnati and other parts of Ohio. Soon afterwards, perhaps beginning in the year 1835, these same people moved westward to Jackson County, Indiana, making this county their permanent home.

Although very little is known concerning the earliest beginnings of this congregation, these people did not long remain without the means of Grace. The cornerstone of the now-remodeled church was removed on September 28th, 1938, with the hope of obtaining full information concerning earliest beginnings. All contents were found in a state of absolute ruin, however. The only other record on hand is a land deed, dated September 16th, 1839, showing that 40 acres were transferred to this congregation by a William Albert of Hamilton County of the State of Ohio. In an official publication of the former Ohio Synod published in 1900, it is stated that this congregation was organized about the year 1852.

from “Dedication of St. Paul’s” 1938

Charter members of our church

Christoph Bode (Bohde)
Gerhard Heinrich Bode (Bohde)
Johann Heinrich Borgstede
Gerhard Gildehaus
Herman Heinrich Gildhaus
Ludwig Meier
Peter Wilhelm Meseke
Conrad Muhlenbruck
Friedrick William Muhelenbruck
Friedrick William Munte
Johann Herman Nolte
Johann Heinrich Otte
Johann Heinrich F. Schafstall
Phillip Schafstall
Johann G. Trimpe
Gerhard Voderhake
Johann Heinrich Vornholt